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GEAR REVIEW - HITEC Atlas Mid Crossover Boots - Hiking Cape Town South Africa

The TrailBlazers Hiking Club has had a busy month both on and off the mountain and this time around we had the chance to test out Hitec's new Atlas Mid. As soon as we received the drop for these boots we immediately put them on and got to business.

So what did the Trailblazers think of the boot?


At first glance we have to admit, it really is good-looking and one of the more stylish options of boots that we have worn. Its styles echos that of the original P.C.T, that has remained a classic for so many years. Often during the day, we would find ourselves wearing them during meetings coupled with a pair of jeans. It almost suited any occasion during our daily activities, with the luxury of knowing that as soon as our admin was done we could quickly sneak straight off into the mountain for a contour walk to grab a sunset shot, or even just a quick meander to get our nature fix.



On our first wear, the boots seemed really built up and cushioned (which makes sense, considering HI-TEC included a removable EVA contoured sock-liner). Further to this, we noticed extra upgrades arriving in the form of comfort padding incorporated to both the tongue and collar of the shoe. At first, it almost feels ‘’over-cushioned”, but immediately after one walk in them they started shaping really well to our feet and became a favourite (especially on days when we knew we had a ton of admin and outdoor adventures to attend to).



It’s been just over a month with these boots and they have held up pretty well considering we not only used them in urban environments but found ourselves walking in all sorts of tricky terrains. The stylish incorporation of the abrasion resistant toe bumper really helped with providing that extra bit of toughness when heading out into tricky terrain. We do often find that many of the boots we use outdoors incorporate the more comforting upper mesh lining, unfortunately, lack durability as the fabric often easily tears of catches on sharp extrusions out in nature. HI-TEC has however been smart with this design. They included a hybrid outsole; blending the mesh with a more durable outer shell to extend the durability.



On first wear you can feel a slightly rigid sole with a lot of upper cushioning, but after one wear the shoe softens up immediately and holds a decent level of flexibility - allowing your foot to move and angle with unexpected surfaces. The majority of the shoe consists of a very flexible upper which we thought might cause a lack of support, but along with an EVA midsole, we found that there is a good firm heel stabilizer included in this design.  We also found that this flexible mesh hybrid upper allowed for a decent amount of breathability, so we didn’t end up holding as much moisture as we normally do with our full leather or waterproof boot options.



After a week into wearing and testing out a few terrains, we can safely say that this boot is well designed as a crossover boot that you would most certainly wear in the city and urban environments (with the added value of knowing that if you wanted to sneak off for a contour walk or mini adventure straight after work you wouldn’t have to worry too much). The boot offers a decent amount of grip. Although it has not been designed specifically for the mountain or to tackle strenuous scrambles (even though we still managed to do so😉) we felt it was best suited for the challenges that the contour path has to offer. Lending to it being a very well-balanced cross-over style.



Overall, we must say that HI-TEC has delivered on what we would recommend being a well-balanced, light crossover boot. Suited for the part-time adventure enthusiast who is looking at making a quick transition to or from work (and the city life) straight into the mountain to grab a quick sunrise or sundowner shot.




Full Features


  • High performance synthetic nylon upper 
  • Abrasion resistant toe bumper 
  • Soft mesh lining for instant comfort 
  • Padded collar and tongue for added comfort 
  • Removable contoured EVA sock-liner 
  • Heel stabiliser
  • EVA midsole for cushioning 
  • Rubber outsole for long-lasting wear