Trailblazers Hiking Club Colab Hitec #LiveSupernatural campaign - Hiking Cape Town South Africa



Trailblazers Hiking Club offers various services throughout the outdoor and adventure world and not only act within the scope of hike leaders but also facilitate, advise and educate brands and consumers associated with the industry. One such example has been the ongoing work which has taken place since October 2017, where the TrailBlazers Hiking Club was asked to assist in a new campaign idea that Hitec wanted to roll out. The idea was to facilitate in promoting the ethos behind the #LiveSuperNatural brand and campaign powered by Hitec. #Livesupernatural is a movement involving the spirit of adventure, living your moment and being authentically you, wherever you are.

This was a campaign that the we immediately knew would be something great to get involved in as our own culture and involvement in promoting adventure and experiences in the great outdoors aligned almost perfectly with the campaign.Its no surprise then that we at Trailblazers were immediately ready to jump on board as the entire campaign screamed out to our hiking taste buds.

We looked at various ways in which we could get involved in the campaign until we realized that we would ideally like to take on ambassador roles for the project as it really struck home with our ethos.

We facilitated in various roles of the campaign such as route recommendation, logistics, mapping, safety briefings, and consumer engagement. However nothing trumped the excitement and the feeling of the movement providing a further opportunity to invite others and share in an incredible experience outdoors, in a breathtaking setting, with like-minded people, that we as hike leaders have had the privilege of sharing and enjoying so often.


We took an involvement in promoting the event through our digital platforms and outlets and the feedback was incredible.

After only a few days the first hike scheduled to take place on the 28th of October was off to a prolific start as all spots had already been fully booked. We started of the campaign with a guided experience on signal hill and the lions head contour with numbers far exceeding expectations. Groups had to be split up between extra guides in order to maintain a unique experience for all but at the same time keeping an intimate and inviting atmosphere amongst the groups.


Extra value adds were arranged in the form of various give aways, snacks, beverages and prizes.

This was enough to already create a huge demand for the next event but more importantly the #livesupernatural movement had kicked off with an overwhelmingly positive debut.


This then immediately sparked interest in future adventures which we once again jumped on putting together a total of three experiences for the remainder of 2017. The successes of the campaign has already lead to bigger ideas potentially rolling out in 2018 so stay tuned for more to come.