BRAVE ROCK GIRLS Outreach and Educational Experience - Hiking Cape Town South Africa




On top of the Trailblazers list of priorities is that of giving back and sharing love while educating. These objectives are often met through the use of our outreach and conservation hike experiences, which we are always keen to host and assist. Earlier this year the Trailblazers partnered with The Cape Leopard Trust, an organization that assists in promoting peaceful coexistence and the protection of landscapes, empowered by scientific research, positive community partnerships, education and advocacy.


Together we took on the joy of reaching out to the Rock Girls foundation, to organize and facilitate a positive and educational experience in the beauty of the outdoors.

Rock Girls share their own stories, often about incredible hardships, extremely challenging ordeals, and the inequality that these girls experience in their own communities.  They record and bring back stories of girls from across South Africa who are also too afraid to walk to school, girls who were raped on their way to school, and girls who don't even have a high school in their area, so often drop out after grade 7.


The girls always share ideas on how to overcome these challenges, from taking self-defense courses to creating girl-led groups, using social media to act as human rights observers in their own communities.


The girls are also explorers in their own country. They track elephants, overcome fears, sleep under the stars while baboons howl, surf down sand dunes, and swim in the Indian Ocean.  But most importantly, they widen the circle of sisterhood, creating opportunities for girls from Cape Town to the Eastern Cape, the Northern Cape to Gauteng and the Northwest border.

These girls are brave, they are resilient, and they want their voices to be heard. They are the next generation of girl leaders.

The Trailblazers set off by pooling in their resources and brand partners to assist in providing these girls with an unique experience in the mountain along one of SANParks popular trails. Sharing in the rich diversity, educating on the surrounds, providing insight and awareness into the potential career options and opportunities available. Both through the magnificent outdoors, and educating on the powers of social media platforms and the opportunities it holds too.

We were able to bring great brands on board in order to provide the girls with an extra value added incentive. Hi-Tec South Africa hiking bags stocked with essential goodies, as well as a lunch snack for the experience - provided by Perfect Solutions.

The girls were kitted out to embark on their journey and the Trailblazers lead the way with the help of Catherine Phillips from The Cape Leopard Trust. We took the group through the indigenous forest and landscapes surrounding the Constantia and Kirstenbosch contour, sharing knowledge, stories and incredible experiences that the trail and nature herself had to offer. We engaged with our surroundings upskilling their knowledge on the various fauna and flora, tracked streams, even waterfalls and their sources, and interacted with various wildlife along the way.


The entire experience proved to be such a positive influence. Many of the girls cherishing the opportunity and how it personally affected or impacted them. This is something that we would like to set up more consistently in order to provide for their girls, and many other groups who would benefit from such an experience.


If you would like to know more or would like to assist in these opportunities, please feel free to contact us via mail or our relevant media platforms. We look forward to any opportunity to assist these incredible organizations.