Trailblazers Hiking Club x CAPE NATURE x TWEEDETOL Limietberg Nature Reserve - Hiking Cape Town South Africa

Trailblazers Hiking Club x CAPE NATURE x TWEEDETOL Limietberg Nature Reserve - Hiking Cape Town South Africa


The start of summer officially kicked off with the perfect getaway right on Cape Towns doorstep.


The Trailblazers Hiking Club set off on an overnight camping adventure within the Limietberg mountain range and what an experience it was. After a quick one and a half hour drive from the city, nestled within the Bainskloof valley mountain range lying at the cross sections of the Wiite river and Wolvekloof river we arrived at our camp site at TweedeTol, run by Cape Nature. This site has various offerings were apart from day visiting there are both standard and private sites available and caravanners are welcome too.



We were a group of 12 like-minded individuals bound together by our love for nature, the great outdoors and adventure. As we arrived at the camp site we were warmly greeted by James who manages the facility and almost like a hotel steward James quickly shared his advice, tips and stories with us as well as a few of the activities and rules of the site. One thing that stood out for me was that the camp site seemed to have various rules (such as no loud or unruly behavior, no loud generators instruments or music, no pets) which at first made us feel as though this may damper our experience but we were soon to realize this was possibly one of the best parts about the campsite which allowed us to get even more in touch with nature and at the same time promote and sustain the natural beauty of the area. We all needed an escape from the chaos of the city and the last thing we were looking for was to have music and a dance off competition with other camp goers which lead to a very intimate but respectful experience bringing on the feeling of a retreat out in nature. But trust me when I say this did not stop any of the wild fun we were able to achieve while being out there.


 We checked in at 2pm and began setting up our tents under the shaded tree cover available in a few of the private camping sites that we opted for. The campsite we were at had small touches of comfort such as the private ablution facility, your own braai area and basic outdoor kitchenette and James even hooked us up with an outdoor dining bench and table along with an outdoor parasal for some extra shade. Believe me when I say it can get hot out there and as soon as our work was done setting up our base camp we took a quick stroll over to the swimming holes at the Witte river below the campsite for an incredible refreshing dip. The water is crystal clear and with various pools along the way to, and even a few rocks to jump from, although this is not recommended nor safe and one does so entirely at their own risk, understandable as the water level in the river constantly changes and various rocks below the water can become nasty obstacles.


After our afternoon dip in the pools we decided to head back to the camp site as some of the guys planned to get an early fire started and conveniently enough wood was available right at the campsite entrance along with any extra rolls if you ran out or forgot. The rest of the group decided to either sneak a little nap in, catch up on some reading or if you are like me continue the adventure. I decided to chase the sunset and go exploring along a trek up one of the hikes situated directly behind the campsite.


The hike takes you up along the Limietkop mountain venturing through stunning rock features and overhangs and once I had summited revealed incredible arial views of the campsite below along with the vast valleys surrounding the winding river below. The perfect opportunity to be alone, do some reflecting and take in the mountain. My viewpoint at the summit also allowed me to scout our route for our next morning’s waterfall chasing mission up the Wolvekloof river. I arrived back to the campsite to everyone sharing stories of adventure while all eagerly awaiting the braai for a delicious supper cooked by one of our food enthusiasts in the group. It was an idealic supper around the camp fire and underneath the bright starry sky and the perfect end to our first night in Tweede Tol.




The very next morning we decided on an early start and cooked up a hearty breakfast before our adventure. After our bellies were full, we were geared up and ready to tackle our much-anticipated waterfall chasing mission along the Wolvekloof river which gives all campsite goers exclusive access to.




With various routes along the way and next to the river we decided to get involved in nature and rock hop along the river bed with some members of the group deciding to go barefoot for the full experience. It was not long until we reached the first stunning waterfall with smaller pools cascading just beneath it. We however decided to venture on for  more and again after a simple trek higher up the river we passed another larger pool which we knew would make for our main stop but the adventures spirit within the group once again left us chasing one last waterfall upstream to sneak a dip into before making our way back to the main pool which James had informed us was named Jennys pool after her considerable work in the reserve.


The pool was absolute bliss with perched rocks above allowing for sun tanning spots above a waterfall spread along the edge down towards the main pool offering a refreshing swim below, a little cavern sits right behind the fall where you can perch on if you swim through it. We spent the rest of the day swimming and snuck a few small jumps into the water which we wouldn’t really recommend as the pool is relatively shallow and any issues you run into out here will leave you with medical help being very far away coupled with the fact that there is absolutely no signal out here.

Once we were all swum out, the group decided to split up with some taking the jeep track short cut back to the campsite, others went back along the river to dip into the lower pools along the way and a few of us took a more adventurous route climbing high above the river bed walking along the surrounding peaks gaining incredible views of the valley and spotting the rest of the group heading back to the campsite.

We all regrouped down at base camp for a some much needed down time with everyone going on their own missions which involved all sorts of activities before gathering once again around the camp fire to share our last night together and reflect once more and share moments of the incredible time we had among one last powerful starry night.

Thanks Cape Nature!


The Tweede Tol camp and picnic site is located at the original tollgate of the beautiful Bainskloof Pass, built in 1853. The campsite has 20 standard sites, each with its own braai area. For visitors wanting something more private, there are also six fenced-off campsites, each with its own kitchen and bathroom.
Sites: 26, including 6 private campsites (maximum 6 people and 2 cars per site)
Shaded sites: Yes, some with shade, some with grass
Power points: No
Ablution facilities: Yes, ablution block with hot-water showers (no toilet paper provided)
Swimming: Yes, in Wolwekloof River
Shop on-site: No
Firewood for sale: Yes, at gate
Braai facilities: Yes, at each site (bring own grid)
Pets welcome: No
To find out more, and for a detailed breakdown of the campsite, download the Limietberg Nature Reserve and Tweede Tol campsite brochure and map on the @capenature  website.
Accommodation and permit bookings Tel: +27 (0)21 483 0190