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Trailblazers Hiking Club Colab CAPE NATURE Kogelberg Nature Reserve - Hiking Cape Town South Africa



The TrailBlazers Hiking Club joined Cape Nature this winter for an exciting collaboration, the goal was to experience and expose the great trails Cape Nature has to offer and promote the beauty of the outdoor culture and their #LoveNature campaign.

On Saturday the 11th of August the Trailblazers set off towards Kogelberg Nature Reserve to enjoy a day out of the hustle and bustle of the city and spend some time in the tranquillity of nature courtesy of Cape Nature.

As soon as you drive through the gates it’s easy to see why Kogelberg Nature Reserve is considered by many to be the most beautiful of Cape Nature’s protected areas. With the Palmiet River valley on your right and the rolling green hills of the mountain range on your left you are immediately filled with excitement and awe.




As we get ready to adventure into the heart of the Cape Floral Kingdom none of us could have expected the beauty and diversity of fynbos that we were about to wander through while following the breathtaking Palmiet River into nature. And at only R40 a permit you can’t help but appreciate the work that goes into sustaining this incredible biosphere. (Permits can be booked through Cape Nature)





The trail starts off walking through what looks like a tropical rain forest with tall trees and reeds that remind you of a bamboo jungle. There are pops of colour everywhere as the flowers are in full bloom and have made their homes between the tall grasses. The path meanders around the corner and as it joins up with the river we start to see our first glimpse of the water gushing over the rocks creating beautiful pools with amazing little waterfalls.



All along the path there are various spots where you can stop to enjoy the peace of what the reserve has to offer. With wild flowers adding yellow, pink, white and orange to the vast expanses of green contributing to the unique quality of the trail.





There are proteas popping up all along the path attracting birds and butterflies. Following the rains that the area has experienced over the winter there are waterfalls pouring down every valley along the rock faces creating bursts of white all along the mountain range.




After two hours of walking through the diversity that the valley has to offer the path leads us down to a spectacular white sandy beach, a perfect spot to relax and enjoy our breakfast and a warm cup of coffee on the bank of the river. This is the ideal spot to spend the day chilling and swimming in the river, and enjoying the warm sun while nestled between the green rolling hills of the mountain ranges on either side. With the chill of winter, only one brave soul in our group decides to face the cold and plunge into the cool river water for a refreshing swim. Something we recommend everyone should experience.


After about an hour we reluctantly decide to head back to the path and start making our way to our cars. In awe at how much beauty there is along the path which is just as spectacular the second time around. As we get back to our cars everyone agrees that this is one of the most refreshing and peaceful hikes we have been on and definitely one of the most visually stimulating.

With the path being more of a tranquil walk the 10km trail is an easy day hike that is ideal for all levels of fitness making it the perfect day out for those looking to leave the city and spend time in nature with family and friends. Make sure to wear comfortable shoes and pack in snacks to enjoy on the beach. For us, the Palmiet River Trail was the perfect way to enjoy a Saturday and we recommend everyone takes the time to get out to Kogelberg Nature Reserve and experience this one of a kind trail. 

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