Trailblazers Hiking Club x FORD x HITEC x BeaverLac Porterville - Hiking Cape Town South Africa

Trailblazers Hiking Club x FORD x HITEC x BeaverLac Porterville - Hiking Cape Town South Africa

Trailblazers Hiking Club x FORD x HITEC x BeaverLac Porterville - Hiking Cape Town South Africa



The Trailblazers once again embarked on their monthly overland experiences and this time the location promised to be another gem.
Tucked high up in the Olifants River Mountains above Porterville in the Western Cape in South Africa, we decided on the iconic location of Beaverlac to escape into the outdoors and test out some new gear while we at it, and we couldn’t think of a better playground to do so.
With some expected showers arriving on the first day we thought this would make for some power waterfall chasing but knowing that the location presented a few challenges with the bad weather rolling in we thought we would test out the new ford ranger for the unexpected terrain and bring along Hitec's new Altitude V Ultra 1 WP's to keep our toes dry in the wet conditions.

We arrived early Friday morning just in time to set up a few tents and pack the gear into the cabins. Apart from their ideally located plots for camping nestled amongst beautiful shaded trees in a secluded 5000 hectare valley surrounded by endless folding mountains there are also a few cabin options available with some offering beyond the basic luxuries of the outdoors such as showers, bathrooms, kitchen and electricity (enquire before booking).

With so many activities to get up to we decided to get an early night to capitalize on the day ahead.
Beaverlac is blessed with two rivers, the Ratel (Honey Badger) and the Olifants river, so we decided to go check it out and see what all the rain had done. We started off by heading to main pool which is just a few minutes from basecamp to witness quite a sight. Not often do you get to experience the sheer power of this river as summer usually sees it calmly flowing over the outcropped rock band which forms its waterfalls as well as fun cliff jumping opportunities too.  When we arrived at the main pool it was a sight to behold and immediately got us in the mood for more.
We spent most of the day venturing through the various trails in the area scouting out the incredible rock formations and countless pools along the flowing river which made for one incredible journey. Needless to say traversing across and sometimes right through the variety in landscape proved to be no issue for the Hitec's Altitude Ultra's as they kept our feet warm and dry throughout especially after taking an Icey dip.

 After a long day of discovering so many pools and water features in the area it got us working up quite an appetite so we headed back to the campsite to start up the fire and spend a magic night under the stars. the beauty of being so far from the city in a secluded space like this is that you are away from the light pollution which always allows for an entertaining night sky. We got extremely lucky when the weather completely cleared that evening and we were blessed by a spectacular view of the milky way lighting up the entire night sky in all its glory. Good convo, good food, good people all making for one unforgettable evening out in the wild. We fell asleep amongst the stars belly’s full from the braai after a long eventful day waterfall chasing (this is what the outdoors are about).

 The next day waking up to a pristine morning of fresh new light and birds of various species, delivering the latest natural ambient tunes on natures favourite radio station, we thought before heading off back home we had to capitalise on the weather and decided to go for one last waterfall mission, this time trekking downriver instead of up. After packing in the gear and a few snacks, it wasn’t long at all, before we could hear a mighty rumble as our path neared the river. Merely a few kilometres away from our camp site we found ourselves at yet another jaw dropping waterfall. This is The secret pool. This little secluded spot offers the perfect flat rock band to lounge on and soak up the sun while taking in the power of the multiple cascading waterfalls, dropping in from just above the pool. This served as our last little spot of exquisiteness before we headed back to the camp site to pack up and reflect on this stunning adventure playground.

If this was the magic we were able to enjoy in winter you can imagine how excited we are for summer at Beaverlac. We will definitely be back for more mountain biking, trailing, rock hopping, pool swimming, cliff jumping, 4x4 trekking, stargazing adventure. Book early enough as spots fill up really quick by the time summer arrives and make sure you enjoy the adventure.



1.We do not have demarcated camping spots. You may camp anywhere and next to your friends in the camping area. We do not reserve camping spots.

2.No electricity available at the campsites but we do have a freezer and power point at the shop for use by campers.

3.Small cars do make it in and out of Beaverlac provided the car is not heavily loaded. You use the farm road down to Beaverlac at your own risk.

4.Make sure your vehicle is serviced and in good mechanical order before you come to Beaverlac. We do not provide free tow-in services, mechanical services or sell fuel at Beaverlac.

5.There is no cell phone reception at Beaverlac and we do not provide a WI-FI service.

6.Please do not bring non-registered as well as persons not on your booking along. They will not be allowed into the camp.


8. NO DAY VISITORS allowed.


10.Friendly and well-behaved dogs are welcome too, BUT please keep your dog under control at all times. Dogs are not allowed in rock pools where people are swimming. If your dog becomes a problem to other campers we will demand you to remove the dog from the camp.

11.MUSIC IS NOT ALLOWED and ABSOLUTE SILENCE in the camp FROM 11:00 pm till 7:00 am THE FOLLOWING MORNING. Please report offenders at the shop. All we need is their car registration numbers.

12.Over the New Years Season (25 December to 2 January) you must book for at least 3 nights.