Tranquility Cracks

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We go on a visually stimulating adventure through some of Table Mountain's most scenic and popular ravines. The incredibly impressive Tranquility Cracks shows off a complex series of paths, tunnel ways and awe-inspiring views.

Starting at the jeep track near Theresa Avenue, we join up with the Pipe Track and then make our way towards Slangolie Ravine. Passing through lovely milkwood forested sections of the path, before arriving at the impressive Corridor Ravine.

We ascend via this ravine taking in stunning views, reaching almost as far as the Llandudno range, while converging on steep cliffs above. After summiting we quickly peel off towards Slangolie Buttress, navigating towards the well-hidden entrance of the incredible Tranquility Cracks.

This marks our main stop as we settle for a snack and a rest. Exploring the complex and beautiful labyrinth of viewpoints, caves, windows and tunnels that this bouldered maze has to offer.

Once our explorations are done, we head to Table Mountain's famous "diving board". We descend via the ever popular Kasteelspoort, which also marked the route for the old cableway, with many remnants of the historical cable system still visible. Nearing the end of our descent, we take one last pitstop at Breakfast Rock, before joining up with the Pipe Track and completing our loop towards our end point.

  • Minimum 2 people booking
  • 20% off 8 people or more
  • Duration: 5hrs incl. breaks
  • Intensity: Difficult
  • Time: Sunrise
  • What to bring: Warm jacket, hiking boots/shoes, hat/cap, sunglasses, water, snacks & camera
  • Snack packs available @ R100